Pay Per Click Ad Revenue How to Guide to Making Money on the Internet
The complete guide to making profit from your web site with pay per click ad revenue.





Pay Per Click ad Revenue-Earning Money from your Website

Pay Per Click ad Revenue
One of the best ways to make money from your web site is to post pay per click ads. Once in place you will get paid every time one of your customers clicks on an ad. No purchase is needed. Although, quite a few services now offer pay per click PPC programs, Google Adsense is still the premier program. Check out the Google advertisement at the top of Google delivers ads like this that are appropriate for the content of your web site. It's referred to as contextual advertising. You get paid every time someone clicks on one of the ads. You can also customize the look of each of these ads so they match the design of your page. The first step is getting approved by Adsense. Before you even apply your web site should be up and running for at least a few months. You should have at least 10-15 pages of unique content. Your content should not be copied from another site and you should not be promoting anything illegal or immoral.

Once approved for one site, you can place Adsense contextual ads on any site you own. You can decide to run just text ads or choose from a variety of image and text ad designs. Various sizes are also offered so its usually pretty easy to fit an add into your web pages design.

From: Google Adsense:   Earn money while displaying advertisements on your Website. When visitors click on these ads, Google pays you. Along with targeted advertising for your content pages, you can add a Google search box to your site and show targeted ads on search result pages.
    Check out the Google add at the top of this page. Google delivers ads that are appropriate for the content of your web site. You get paid every time someone clicks on one of the ads. You can also customize the look of each add. Making the background and text match the design of your page is easy.



Image above: Google pay per click ad revenue for a two month period. 

At the time of this writing Google Adsense is still the premier pay per click ad provider. Google can provide the most consistent content related ads, which means more clicks and therefore more revenue. I have not found another program that can offer the same quality content related ads. The down side is that Google ad revenue is historically not dependable. Google can, and often does, seemingly overnight change your payout rates and drastically effect your web sites daily earnings. I still highly recommend Google but warn all web masters not to rely solely on Google Adsense for your profit. Diversify by using other PPC programs, set up affiliate programs, and develop your own products or services. This way if your Google pay per click profits drop 50% overnight your online business will not be completely devastated.

Please note: Never put other contextual ads on the same page with Google ads. This would violate Google’s regulations and may result in you being dropped from the program. You should also restrict the number of ads per page. One to two ads is the general rule.

Below are a list of other Pay Per Click vendors. This is not a complete list but rather just a small sample of some of the more popular programs. I highly advise an 80/ 20 mix. Put Google ads on 80% of your pages and other PPC ads on the balance.

AdBright   AdBrite can help you monetize your site with advertising that fits the content and user base of your web page. Once your site is approved, you just insert a code onto your page. AdBrights base of advertisers includes top brands like Live Nation, GM, AT&T and Verizon—at the same time, AdBrite serves ads on nearly 1 billion pages daily, providing massive scale opportunities. In addition you can choose to approve or reject ads before they appear on your site. They pay you monthly once you reach the $100 minimum.
BidVertiser   Join BidVertiser now and they will help to turn the advertising space on your web page into cash! Simply display the BidVertiser text ads on your website and let advertisers bid against each other! They will always display the highest bidders to maximize your revenue so you will make more money. with this program you get paid for every visitor that clicks on an ad. BidVestisers goal is to enable you to make as much as possible from your advertising space, They pay monthly, either by check, or instantly through PayPal


Text-Link-Ads   Once approved, you can run simple text ads on your site. Payments are made via Paypal or Clickbank. You earn a 50% commission of the sale price for each ad. Text-link-ads is not considered contextual advertising so its is acceptable to be run on the same page as Google Adsense ads.
Kontera   Contextually ads which are linked to keywords on your web page. Ads displayed will match the content of your site.
     Chitika ads are not contextual and therefore can be run on the same page as Google Adsense. Payment is made through Paypal or by check. I found Chitika ads to be quite effective and profitable. They are a little difficult to work with because you do not see the ad on your web page after inserting HTML code. I use the simple trick of placing html inside a table on my site. This way when Im changing page layout I can easily find the chitika html code.
AffiliatesGarage   Offers Adsense Style ads with Clickbank and Paydotcom text ads that you can place on your site or blog and earn up to 75% commission.
MIVA WebsiteMonetization   Miva offers a wide variety of ad formats that your can utilize on your web site. They have content ads, inline ads, and search ads. Webmasters are paid on a per click basis. Payments are made monthly by check or through Paypal.

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Internet Income
A realistic how to guide to developing a source of income from the internet.


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