e-Book Marketing and Publishing How to Guide to Making Money on the Internet
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e-Book Marketing and Publishing

Webmasters basically have three ways to profit from eBooks. What makes these items so enticing is that once set up you never have to think about them again. No boxes to pack or product to ship. Just sit back and deposit your check every two weeks.

Marketing existing eBooks
The first way to profit from ebooks would be to market an existing eBook that corresponds to your web sites content. Marketing eBooks is a great way to increase the profit of any web page. There are several online companies that offer eBooks as affiliate products. I highly recommend Clickbank. They have a huge assortment of eBooks and offer commissions up to 75% for each book sold. Basically, it should be a no brainier. Up to 75% profit with no inventory cost and no shipping and handling hassles. Most brick and mortar retailers do not make anywhere near that type of mark- up. Whether you have an existing web site or are now publishing a new site I highly recommend placing a few links to affiliate ebook products. You may have to try a few to find which products sell well on your site but once that is done you can then just sit back and count your money.

Publish you own eBook
If you are an expert in any field or have access to information that others would find worthwhile then you should consider authoring a downloadable PDF format e-book. Many webmasters have already produced the majority of text for a eBook product while writing the unique content for web pages. Creating a unique e-book will give you a product which you can sell on your web page, market through online auctions and market through your own affiliate network. Remember, other than the time and effort used during creation, eBooks do not cost you anything to produce. Unlike conventional printing where you have up-front printing and inventory cost, with eBooks every sale is 100% profit. Once finished, you can also take the same PDF file and have it printed into a soft or hardcover book -(see Print on demand book publishing). Now you have two unique products which you can sell or which can be offered to affiliates to market. Marketing an ebook through affiliates is easy. All you have to do is sign up to a program like Clickbank. Anyone with a web site can then search Cickbanks Marketplace for affiliate products of interest to their clients. Affiliates (other web masters) will then market your eBook on their own web sites. This will drastically increasing your productís exposure. They make a commission on each unit sold and you make profit not only from the products sold but also from the increased traffic to your web site.


Check out the links above to some of my books which were published as ebooks and marketed on my own web sits as well as through clickbanks affiliate program. There are many programs and online sources to create 3d eBook covers like those shown above. Some are more expensive than others. I highly recommend graphic artist Aaron Hirsh (www.aerox.net) Its simple, just email Aaron your photo and title text, he will respond with a price quote. After payment is made he will then email you the finished art. Unlike traditional online sources, with Aerox you can actually communicate with the graphic artist.

Webmasters basically have three ways to profit from eBooks. What makes these items so enticing is that once set up you never have to think about them again. No boxes to pack or product to ship. Just sit back and deposit your check every two weeks.

I use Corel Draw to do all the page layouts in my books. But many graphic or word processing programs have the capabilities to insert images and export PDF files. I use Corel because that is the program Im use to. If you think you want to put your own eBook together I would recommend that you look through any of the above listed texts to see how each page is designed. Take a careful look at the photo sub titles, image placement, and text fonts. You can then use this information or duplicate the style. Note that the interior of these books are laid out like a quality full color perfect bound books. Unlike many eBooks on the market that only have text, these products are packed with color photos and images. The bottom line is that customers should never be disappointed. Also note that on PDF ebooks you can insert links to promote your own web site, products or services. Basically, for each book sold your are also gaining a visitor to your web page.

The Best of Both Worlds
Why limit yourself? Why not become a Clickbank affiliate and market existing eBooks as well as producing and marketing your own title?
Lets recap and take a look at possible eBook profit.

Your eBook sold on your own web site -100% profit

Affiliate eBook sold on your web site -50-75% commission

Your eBook sold on Ebay and delivered on CD-80% profit

Your eBook sold by a Clickbank affiliate- 25-50% profit

Your print on demand book sold on your web site -70-80% profit

Your printed on demand book marketed by LuLu -shared profit

That is at least 6 ways to create consistent profit from just one product!

It does not take long for a few sales to add up to significant monthly earnings.        

            For example sell just four eBooks per day
            @ 9.95/ea =$1000.00/Month

4 eBooks/day =$1000.00/Month

At $9.95/book retail you only have to sell 3-4 books per day to create $1000/month profit. Remember you will have no printing, shipping or inventory expenses. Add to that the fact the affiliates will be marketing your book through their own web sites. You do the work once then get to sit back and collect the rewards.

Clickbank   Promote and sell your own products or promote other products and receive a commission on each sale which you generate. Click Bank is a great affiliate program. You can create your own digital product or sell products created by others. Either way its a win win situation. For example if you author your own eBook you can post it on ClickBank. Affiliates will then market your eBook on their web sites for a commission that you set. If your not that creative you can choose from a huge assortment of downloadable products and build ads for them on your own web site. You will earn a commission, usually 50-75% of each item sold.

Check out the link listed below. This is the ClickBank landing page for two Home Security eBooks I authored. Basically, anyone with a web site can sign up as a ClickBank affiliate and sell either or both of these books. My affiliates earn 70% profit for each book sold. Note the Google Adsence ad on the same page.


Add to cart button at bottom of ad brings customers directly to clickbanks payment page. Clickbank sends all affiliates a check every two weeks.



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Internet Income
A realistic how to guide to developing a source of income from the internet.


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