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Print on Demand Book Publishing

Books are a great product for web sites as well as online auctions. If designed correctly, they can also promote your website. Now anyone with a little expertise and the desire to write, can self- publish a book without incurring a huge printing expense and without having to inventory any product. The service is called print on demand printing. I have used LuLu as a print on demand printer and have been very happy with their service.




Image below: LuLu search page result showing one of the authorís print on demand titles. These books can be marketed on your own web site through online sellers like amazon or on online auctions.

Check out the ad listed above. This Secret Bookcase Door Plans book was originally created as an ebook and sells quite well on ClickBank (see affiliate Sales). My web site customers now have the choice of buying this title as a downloadable ebook or in a perfect bound soft cover version through LuLu. Either way I make a commission on every book sold and do not have to ship orders or inventory product.   Free print on demand service which enables you to publish, print and sell books, calendars, music, etc. on demand. There are no setup fees. Each book is ordered and printed individually. I have used LuLu to create a hard copy of an existing ebook. The process was pretty easy and I was very happy with the printed book. I opted for full cover cover with black and white interior. LuLu gives you the option of creating add to cart buttons. By adding a description and photo to my web site I quickly started to sell my LuLu created softcover book. The best part is that unlike conventional printers, I did not have to purchase or stock a few thousand books.



Below is an ad which markets one of the authors ebooks. Note the LuLu link at the bottom of the ad. This books is also available as a print on demand product.

Beach and Water
Treasure Hunting with Metal Detectors

A complete how to guide to discovering lost jewelry and coins from the sand and water. Includes sections on dry beach detecting, shallow surf, wading, scuba detecting and shipwreck diving.

only $9.95
6.5 MB instant download, printable  PDF file

Beach and Water Treasure Hunting with Metal Detectors is a 70 page downloadable, printable PDF booklet. The text is packed with information and hundreds of color images.

Ever go to the beach and watch a guy strolling down the waters edge metal detector in hand. That guy is not just searching for pocket change. He is looking for and most likely finding treasure. For the purpose of this text we will focus on Beach and Water Hunting. Learn why Metal detecting can be enjoyed as a hobby by those of all ages. Its one of the only activities that can quickly pay for itself while providing the hobbyist with outdoor fun, adventure and exercise. This text defines water and beach detecting into five distinct forms of treasure hunting. Please be aware that many of these types of detecting overlap. For example a beach hunter with a water proof detector will often venture into the shallow surf in search of gold rings and a scuba diver could certainly use his same detector on the dry beach. This text teaches the basics as well as tricks of the trade learned form years of detecting. These techniques make it easy and will greatly increase your productivity. Anyone can discover lost gold and this book will show you how.

This title is now available in soft cover Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.></a></font>
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and shipwreck sketches.


Other Print on Demand Book Publishers

Another print on demand publisher is CreateSpace. Although I currently have no experience with their service I plan on trying them out for my next book project.

CreateSpace provides inventory-free, physical distribution of books, CD and DVDs on Demand, as well as video downloads through Amazon Video On Demandô. We manufacture physical products when customers order so no pre-built inventory is needed. Through our service, you can sell DVDs, CDs, and books, for a fraction of the cost of traditional manufacturing, while maintaining more control over your materials.

With our services, you can make your books, music and video available to millions of customers by selling on and on your own website with a customized eStore.


Suggested reading for Self Publishers






Internet Income

A realistic how to guide to developing a source of income from the internet.
By Daniel Berg

This 6x9 80 page text is packed with information and loaded with illustrations. The author shows you step by step how to set up your own profit producing website. He invites you to check out working examples of each technique. The author did not develop his system for creating internet income overnight. Over the past ten years he has constantly expanded and refined a variety of internet profit centers. Mr. Berg has now complied all of his tricks of the trade into this realistic how to guide. Unlike other web profit programs Mr. Berg makes no grandiose claims. He shows readers how he has and continues to create internet income and how you can do the same.




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Internet Income
A realistic how to guide to developing a source of income from the internet.


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